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"High-Value Work and the Rise of Women: The Cotton Revolution and Gender Equality in China", 2020    

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"Autocratic Rule and Social Capital: Evidence from Imperial China", 2021

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  • Selected Presentations: Yale, Chicago Harris, Bonn, NBER Organizational Economics, NBER Summer Institute, Barcelona GSE, Life & Legacy of Douglass North, Oxford-Warwick-LSE Workshop in Economic History, Cliometric Society

"The Short- and Long-Run Effects of Affirmative Action: Evidence from Imperial China", 2021, with B. Zhang 

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  • Selected Presentations: UCL, Oxford, POLECONUK (Video), BSE Summer Forum, STEG Workshop: Political Economy and Public Investment, EHA, EHS, WEHC 2018, ASSA 2017

"Violence and Missing Women in China", 2020, with T. Sng and S. Zhong


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Women and Asylums 

  • Selected Presentations: LSE, Warwick, King's College London, HU Berlin, EHS, SSHA

Extreme Poverty and a Culture of Violence


"Folklore", with S. Michalopoulos                          

Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 2021, 136 (4), 1993–2046.

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  • Selected Presentations: Toulouse, Pompeu Fabra, Nottingham, LEAP, WEHC 2018

"Friends from Afar: The Taiping Rebellion, Cultural Proximity and Primary Schooling in the Lower Yangzi,1850-1949", with Y. Hao   

Explorations in Economic History, 63 (2017): 44-69.      Slides

Book Reviews & Book Chapters

"Folklore". In: Kurtz, L.R. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict, vol. 4. Academic Press, 2022. 

Book Review for "M. Tanimoto and R. B. Wong, Public Goods Provision in the Early Modern Economy: Comparative Perspectives from Japan, China, and Europe"

Economic History Review, 73 (2020): 335-336.

Older Working Papers

​"Raising Dragon", 2014, with J. V. C. Nye

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